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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Plush Cow tutorial

Heyo! I decided to make this cow plushy from my Japanese plushy book. Except I wanted a slightly larger one than the palm sized plushies shown in the book. So, based on the pattern shown in the book, I freehanded my own, enlarging it about 5x. Here's the end result ^_^ and a tutorial so you all can make your own.

craft/fabric glue
white material for the body (I used fleece)
gray material for the spots/horns (I used felt)
pink material for the nose (I used fleece)
black material for eyes (I used felt)

Here's the pattern for the cow. Unfortunately I don't own a scanner, so I couldn't scan the pattern to scale, so you're going to have to use your own judgement and freehand it. I added in the measurements...which didn't show up -___-...so I'll list them here:
head: L-3" W-4" ear: L- 1.5" horn: L- 1.5" nose: W- 3" body: L- 5" W-5.5" tail: L- 2"
tail piece:L- 1" (I know its a little confusing...but I hope that helps you get an idea of the sizing.)

Step 1:
Cut out your pattern pieces. First with the white fabric cut out two of the head, four of the ears, two of the body and two of the tail. After you're done using the head and body patterns cut the areas labeled "spot" out, and cut one of each spot out of grey material along with two horns, and two tail pieces. Then two of the nose pieces in pink, and any other facial pieces you'd like - I did half moon eyes and two nostrils.

Step 2:
Positioning the spots in place with a pin, you want to sew them on one of the body pieces and one of the head pieces, just as shown on the pattern.

Step 3:
Now's the time to add any facial peices, such as the eyes and nostrils. Since the peices are quite small, I'm just going to use craft glue to glue them in place.

Step 4:
Next you want to sew the nose down in place. Just overlap the head with the nose, pin it down and go for it (the picture on the right shows what the underside of the face looks like once the nose is sewn in place, hopefully to give you a better idea of how its sewn down). Once you finish the front of the head, do the exact same to the back of the head.

Here's the front and back of the head after the nose has been sewn in place.

Step 5:
First sew each of the ears together, you can stuff them if you'd like, but I found it wasn't necessary. Then you want to position the horns and ears in place between the front of the head and the back of the head, "sandwiching" them in. Then pin it all in place and sew it all together, remembering to leave an opening to stuff before closing it.

pinned in place....

sew and stuff, then close up the hole.

Step 6:
Now you want to sew the two layers of the tail together, you can try and stuff it if you'd like, or even stick a piece of pipe cleaner in for a "positionable tail". Just as you did with the ears and horn, you want to "sandwich" the tail in place. Then pin it together and sew, remembering to leave an open spot to stuff.

stuff...then sew closed.

Step 7:
With the head and body fully done, now all you need to do is connect the two. Position the head in place, pin it on the body, then sew the back of the head to the body.

and ta da! you now have a baby cow buddy ^_^.


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